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Car Wash Services
Blue car being washed

The Works

  • Soft Cloth Wash




  • Clear Coat Protectant

  • Undercarriage Flush

  • Hand Dry

  • Tire Dressing

  • Exterior Trim

  • Vacuum Carpet & Mats

  • Windows In & Out

  • Wipe Seats

  • Tire Dressing

  • Shampoo 4 Plastic Mats

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The Works


Monthly Pass



At the Car Wash

Premier Wash

  • Soft Cloth Wash


  • Clear Coat Protectant

  • Hand Dry

  • Vacuum Carpet & Mats

  • Windows In & Out

  • Tire Dressing

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 Premier Wash




Full Service



V.I.p Hand wash

VIP Hand Wash
Washing the Car

V.I.P Hand Wash

  • 100% Hand Wash

  • Interior Vacuum

  • Clean Windows Inside & Out

  • Dust Dash, Doors, & Center Console

  • Wipe Door Jambs

  • Deep Cleaning of Crevices & Mirrors

  • Black Magic Tire Dressing

  • Exterior Dressing

  • Wash Up To 4 Plastic Mats

V.I.P Hand Wash

Full Service


Monthly Unlimited

Full Service


Detail Services

detail services

Polishing Car Tire

the premier


If you'd like your car to go through a car transformation, then check out our Premier Detail! Everything in your interior will be cleaned to the best condition possible. So now the exterior and interior of your car will look amazing! We combine the Full Interior and Clay Bar & Hand Wax Detail services to offer our complete detail! 


Car Dashboard

Full interior


We have a 6-step process in our full interior detail service:

  1. Remove all loose items: We’ll put the trash in one bag and your personal items in another bag.

  2. Thorough vacuum: The entire interior (including trunk and crevices) will be thoroughly vacuumed.

  3. Shampoo and steam clean seats, carpet and floor mats: Using our all-purpose cleaner, we’ll spray, agitate, and extract the cloth material.

  4. Clean and detail interior plastic panels: Now we’ll move onto thoroughly cleaning the dashboard, center console, & door panels.

  5. Clean windows and mirrors: How can a detail be complete without giving you crystal clarity? We’ll clean and wipe down all interior glass and mirrors.

  6. Clean the door jambs! 


Polishing Car

clay bar &

hand wax

Paint contaminants such as factory fallout, brake dust, tree sap mist, road grime, pain over-spray and other junk can bond to your car's paint finish instantly. Others can "bake on" under the heat of the sun. To remove bonded contaminants and bring back a perfectly smooth finish, you must clean your car using a clay bar.



We will steam clean all interior carpet areas including floor mats. (up to 4 single size  carpet mats and or 4 single size rubber mats.) Includes a Premier Car Wash.




Pre softened creme carnauba develops an ultra rich, deep, wax finish. Our Carnauba Wax blends pure grade Brazilian carnauba with rich enhancing emollients to produce a brilliant impenetrable finish. Getting a hand wax will  bring out the deepest highlights on your car's finish.  We recommend to get this done every 3 months to ensure year long protection. Includes a Premier Car Wash. 



We offer steam cleaning of upholstery seats. This package also inlcudes a Premier Car Wash.



We  restore clarity to oxidided and yellowed headlights. 



Our technicians will carefully and thoroughly clean and condition leather seats in addition to the dash, doors and center console area.  Includes a Premier Car Wash. 


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